Friday, February 13, 2015

Homemade Italian meals

Its my favourite month of the year. And so I would be featuring a lot of what we love. We love Italian food so its common for us to have pasta dinners or lunches. We usually have different kinds of pasta including our favourite olive oil-based dishes and bolognese inspired spaghetti that is a comfort food to us. As we are able to get fresh leafy vegetables like romaine lettuce and arugula, we could have real good salad to pair with our pastas.

The pizza, pasta and salad trifecta
Our version of an olive oil based pasta dish with hot Spanish salami, olives, mushrooms and garlic
Mini pizzas with mozzarella, mushrooms and basil that's fresh from our garden
The Clairvoyant is able to get good cheeses from several sources including Santis (near her office) and a couple of supermarkets near our home. Mushrooms are either the canned or the dried variety. It can be difficult to get fresh mushrooms like the shiitake that's great with different types of dishes but our experience with dried mushrooms are okay so far. Salami or prosciutto can be purchased in the same stores or supermarkets. Herbs are already available from our garden. And many kinds of pasta are available from the supermarket. What we haven't done at home yet is ravioli and we hope to experiment with this dish soon.


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