Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chocolate review: Frey Extra Fine Dark

We start the month of February, my favorite month of the year, with a favorite topic - chocolates. I don't usually take photos of the chocolates we've purchased and enjoyed. Well, at least, not before I started writing about chocolates in this blog. And so I tried to go back and get some of the chocolates we've tasted before and do some "documentation" on these bars. Among those in the "review" list is and extra fine dark chocolate from Frey, which we have bought and eaten before but had not written about in this site.

Frey's extra fine dark chocolate
Detailed information including nutrition at the back of the bar
Details state the this bar contains a minimum of 55% cocoa

The chocolate seems to be a bit dry in terms of texture. I didn't put this inside the refrigerator so maybe that had an effect on the bar. I'm not really sure as other chocolates we did put in the ref did not have similar texture. Perhaps it was also the storage conditions prior to my purchasing the bars? I won't know for sure until I get another bar from another supermarket or shop. That's something for a future post on the same chocolate.

A 100g bar retails for 96.75 PHP so its a bit more expensive per gram than the popular Meiji Black and as expensive as other European-made chocolates available at supermarkets.

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