Friday, February 6, 2015

Puto at kutsinta

I always remind myself of our relative proximity to Antipolo's new public market. It is where we get our fresh seafood and vegetables on weekends. We also found good old kakanin or rice cakes being sold there and we quickly made sukis out of some vendors of puto, kutsinta and sapin-sapin.

I prefer "puto sa bilao" or "puto manapla" than the other types of puto that you can buy from the leading bakeshops. The latter are not really puto since many use flour and not rice for the doughs. I prefer the classic puto that you can buy at the market or at shops that specialize in native kakanin. There are still many of these shops around Rizal especially in Cainta, Taytay and Antipolo.

Puto and kutsinta are traditional rice cakes or kakanin. In the photo is puto sa bilao, which is sliced from a giant rice cake on a flat basket (bilao).

Kutsinta is made of glutinous rice and goes very well with shaved coconut.


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