Sunday, February 22, 2015

Monasterio de Tarlac

I had the opportunity of going around Tarlac province in late May of last year (2014). I did not expect to go and see a lot of what Tarlac has to offer in terms of tourism sites. They have all kinds of tourism destinations including those for recreation like resorts, outdoors for hiking and mountain biking, historical sites including the memorial to those who endured the Death March in Capas. I was most surprised with the pilgrimage site of the Monasterio de Tarlac. It was the first time I learned about this monastery and I made sure I took some photos for reference and posterity.

Our first close look at the statue reminded me of the Rio de Janiero's Christ the Redeemer.
The outstretched arms of the image of the Christ also remind of the oblation or offering
It is as if Christ Himself invites us all to come to Him and share His loving embrace.
The view from the monastery is splendid and is apt for reflections or musings about such things as the meaning of life.
Another spectacular view of the Tarlac countryside from the monastery
There is a church at the monastery. This is a closer view of the facade of the church.
The monastery church
The courtyard in front of the church is suitable for larger (but outdoor) gatherings including Masses that can be held here during special occasions to accommodate more people.
The altar is supposed to hold a piece of the true Cross upon which Jesus Christ was crucified.
The monastery is very accessible to the public with good roads  though it is some time away from the main highway and Tarlac City. It should attract a lot of people during this Lenten season and plenty of pilgrims during the Holy Week in late March. It is definitely another place I look forward to visiting again.

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