Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Brewing Point Cafe, Congressional Ave. Extension

We were looking for a place to have lunch at last Friday. We originally decided to eat at Oliva along Visayas Avenue. However, we remembered that we wanted to check out the cafe we saw along Congressional Avenue Extension and near the Tierra Pura gate heading to Luzon Avenue. Brew Point Cafe is a can't miss place along a road section that has few interesting spots considering the mainly middle class subdivisions in the area and the many informal settlements along it especially as you approach Luzon Avenue. The cafe, we discovered, is also a bakery with various breads, cakes and pastries of their own make on display and for sale.

The interior was clean and well lighted
Their choco lava cake a la mode was good and highly reommended. They also had other cakes and pastries available at Brewing Point.
Brewing Point's lunch menu is a bit limited though the choices are good including their all-day breakfast items. It is definitely a good meeting place or perhaps a nice tambayan for those who want to just have a cup of coffee, tea or other beverage to go with something light to eat. Their staff are attentive and appear to be knowledgeable of their menu (some items need clarification like the vegetarian pasta I ordered). It is definitely a place we will come back to later and to be considered the next time we visit the area.

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