Saturday, June 20, 2015

Chocolate review: Godiva Chocolatier Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

I have been featuring some dark chocolate with sea salt lately and often compared recent chocolates we've tasted with Lindt's dark chocolate with sea salt. Quite recently, we decided to open a bar of Godiva dark chocolate with sea salt that we bought from LAX. Godiva chocolates are really good and I remember I gave a box of pralines to the Clairvoyant when we had just met many years ago. We had hesitated buying Godiva chocolates due to its prices (quite expensive per bar or box) even when we were residing in Singapore and could get these from the shops at Changi airport.

Godiva's dark chocolate sea salt contains 50% cacao
Information on the chocolate including the nutritional breakdown is shown at the back of the packaging
The information at the back of the packaging describes the sea salt as an artisanal salt hand harvested in a small area in the west of France. It is supposed to be one of the purest sea salts in the world and regarded as the "caviar of salt."
Nutrition facts and the information on expiration
Godiva's dark chocolate with sea salt is smooth and the 50% cacao ensures just a hint of bitter blending very nicely with the salt and sweetness of the chocolate. I would prefer this bar over the Lindt bar that I made as a benchmark before. I was actually surprised to find this chocolate being sold at a relatively inexpensive price equivalent to less than 150 PHP at a shop at LAX. My only regret is that I didn't buy more of these bars.

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