Monday, June 1, 2015

Chocolate review: Heidi Dark Orange

Every time I see a new brand of chocolate in a supermarket shelf, I get a few bars to sample with the Clairvoyant. These will usually be dark chocolate bars rather than milk or white chocolates. I found Heidi chocolates at the Puregold store inside Clark Freeport and decided to get a few bars each of two variants of their dark chocolates. 

Heidi dark orange chocolates turned out to be a good chocolate. Both the wife and I enjoyed their dark chocolate with orange bits. It was comparable with the usual dark chocolate we have purchased (e.g., at Santi's or at airports). It is smooth enough for a dark chocolate. It is not bitter or strong tasting and the orange bits were delightful to taste. While it is definitely not at the level of the Valrhonas and Godivas, it is enjoyable.
Details on the chocolate are found at the back
The bar contains 55% cocoa
The chocolate is Made in Romania
The forget the cost of each chocolate bar but I think it is right there with the Lindt bars (which typically cost 150PHP per 100g bar) considering each Heidi was an 80g bar. It is an imported chocolate and the quality is good so the its good value for money.

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