Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Domino's Pizza

We were not decided on what to have for lunch one lazy Saturday after watching a movie. We were walking around the mall near our home when we spotted what we thought was a newly opened branch of Domino's Pizza. I say so because it turned out that the branch opened a few months ago and it seemed to us that we had not gone around the mall for some time now, going there only for our groceries or a quick stop at the Handyman store. The decision for lunch became much easier as we reminisced the pizzas we ordered from Domino's during our college days. The Clairvoyant in particular had fond memories of ordering pizza during her bar review days.

Choco lava cake

We also got our Domino's card so we could have some credits and freebies whenever we ordered. This could be handy should we have some guests over at home and there is a clamor for pizza. We also got the direct line to the branch near our home so we could bypass their call center and more quickly get our pizza delivered.

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