Saturday, June 6, 2015

Chocolate review: Heidi Dark Black Salt

It's a lazy Saturday morning for us and as I listen to birds singing in the trees around our home, what could be lazier than posting another chocolate review. Another bar I got from a trip to a popular supermarket in the Clark Freeport is Heidi Dark Black Salt. It is good chocolate and would be satisfying to those who prefer some saltiness mixed with the bittersweet taste of dark chocolate. It is not as smooth as Lindt's dark chocolate with sea salt though and definitely not in the league of Ghirardelli's similar offering.

Heidi dark chocolate with black salt
Back of the pack
The bar claims to contain 50% min. cocoa or cacao. The black salt is actually sea salt (96%) blended with activated charcoal. You can Google what that actually means.
The 80g bar is made in Romania
Based on the 2 dark chocolate bars from Heidi that we sampled, I would say that Romanian chocolates just made us curious about other chocolates from Eastern Europe. My Romanian friends before did not mention their chocolates whenever we (international students at our lab many years ago) talked about food and sweets in our respective countries. I am sure that there are very good chocolates in these countries waiting to be discovered.

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