Sunday, June 7, 2015

DeSano Pizza Bakery

Our niece Kate recently tagged us in photos showing them eating again at their favorite Italian place in Los Angeles. DeSano Pizza Bakery is located just across the street and a few minutes walk from our niece's and her husband's home in LA. Our cousins (Kate's parents) live nearby and so it was a short drive from our "home" in LA to the restaurant. The restaurant more than lived up for the hype our cousins built towards our dining there. I would personally say that it's so far the best pizza I've eaten. Of course, I haven't been to Italy so my readers should excuse my assessment.

The pizza-bakery was founded in 1889
The menu is displayed at the counter upon entry to the restaurant.
There are four ovens in the restaurant - one each for the type of pizza. One also notices the ingredients for their offerings stacked near the spacious kitchen for everyone to see. These are also actually for sale for anyone who would want to try replicating their pastas and pizzas.
The chef and his staff were very busy at the popular restaurant. It is an open kitchen so patrons/customers get to see how their food are made.
DeSano's Napoletana
Close-up of our terrific Napoletana pizza
They had two large TVs; one showing NBA games and another football matches. There were jerseys of popular football teams on display on the wall - Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Liverpool
DeSano's Lasagna pizza is a favorite of our niece
We also had Gelato for dessert but I have yet to download the photos taken by the wife and our cousins. We look forward to our next visit to DeSano and, of course, Los Angeles.

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