Monday, June 15, 2015

Ramen Nagi at UP Town Center

It had been some time since our last lunch at the UP Town Center so we decided to have lunch there and check out the newly opened restaurants and shops at the main building. We ended up eating at Ramen Nagi, which obviously specializes in ramen. It is one of many that opened with the surging popularity of Japanese food and especially ramen among Filipinos.

Their menu was quite simple showing the four main dishes (ramen, of course) that they offer to customers. You can actually come up with different combinations or variants of ramen based on these four and by adding extra toppings.
The interior of the restaurant include this description of different ramen variants.
Condiments on each table included pepper and sesame seeds (goma).

Interior of the restaurant at UP Town Center
I ordered their Original King (Butao) ramen.
The broth was not overpowering and the noodles were cooked just right and not soggy.
Their chicken karaage had the most authentic taste among the karaage we had previously tried in other restaurants.
Ramen Nagi has a policy stating you cannot take out or take home your food or leftovers. For some reason, their staff kept reminding us and others of the policy. This is probably because of some trade secrets that are keys to the good taste of their ramen. And they do have good ramen at this restaurant that's worth coming back to whenever we crave for good ramen. With the wet season coming up (if its not yet here), I'm sure that Ramen Nagi will be attracting a lot of customers who will be enjoying hot ramen on rainy days.

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