Monday, July 13, 2015

Blake's Wings and Steaks, Marikina

We frequently pass by Gil Fernando Avenue (formely Angel Tuazon Avenue) in Marikina and try out some restaurants in the area. A favorite is a Japanese restaurant along the road. As we were already hungry and we wanted to try a new restaurant, we decided to try out Blake's Wings and Steaks, which we spotted as we passed Seifuku. 

We ordered steaks instead of wings (did I mention we were hungry?) and our orders included mashed potatoes and buttered vegetables on the side. The Clairvoyant ordered java rice to go with her steak while I opted for plain rice. You can check out their menu to see what they have to offer.

Porterhouse steak with original flavor and mushroom gravy
On-and-on strings - lightly breaded, fried onion strips
Porterhouse steak with Hickory BBQ flavor and pepper mushroom gravy
We also had their house lemongrass iced tea, which was good. We definitely will be back to eat the restaurant and maybe the next time we will be trying their wings. We also noticed that entire families had lunch there so it is something like a neighborhood family restaurant. The service was okay as their staff were attentive and you didn't have to wait long to be served your food.

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