Monday, July 27, 2015

Ineng's Barbecue

We enjoyed Ineng's barbecue from when we first tasted their specialty at Market! Market! many years ago. It's good to eat there from time to time instead of just ordering barbecue to take home or for office lunches. There's an Ineng's located at a mall near our home so one time before watching a movie, we decided to have lunch there.

Their mixed pansit - canton and bihon was a generous serving. Good old fashioned noodles are a welcome alternative to pasta and brings back memories when spaghetti was not yet the 'in' thing for get-togethers or parties. It's part of what we call 'comfort food' especially when you are abroad and often eat what they have there instead of home cooked meals.
Inihaw na longanisa (grilled local sausage) - I tried their 'longanisa barbecue' out partly to compare with the one (also grilled) I had in Cebu recently. Of course, there are different types of longanisa in different parts of the Philippines but the grilled ones were definitely better than fried.
Liempo barbecue (grilled pork belly) is also good but then what do you expect from a restaurant whose specialty is pork barbecue?


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