Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chocolate review: Goplana Gorzka 60% cocoa

I spotted another bar at a popular supermarket inside the Clark Freeport. I didn't notice it before as it was on the shelves with the M&Ms and Snickers bars. They weren't conspicuous enough for my quick scan of the shelves for dark chocolates. The last time though, I had some time to browse the shelves so I was able to pick up a couple of these chocolates from Poland. Previously, I had bought some chocolates from Romania and became curious about Eastern European chocolates. The Clairvoyant went around Eastern Europe during one of her trips to Europe a few years ago and wasn't able to bring back chocolates from the countries she visited.

Goplana's wrapper states a cocoa content of 60%.
Nutritional information about the chocolate in Polish, English and French
Ingredients and other information about the chocolate

Goplana Czekolada Gorzka (Polish for dark chocolate, as I learned) is good chocolate. It is not as refined as the Belgians and other chocolates from Western Europe that we have tasted but it is better or equal that of others like Villar's and the Heidi bars I got from the same supermarket. The 90g bar is priced PHP 58.00 (I also checked and learned that the Heidi bars I bought were priced at PHP 78.00 per bar.) so it is good value for money. I will soon post about another Goplana bar I got at Clark.

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