Friday, July 10, 2015

Chocolate review: Royce Macadamia Chocolate

Royce chocolates is one of the better known Japanese chocolate brands. While it is expensive in Manila, the chocolates are cheaper in Japan (obviously). As such, we usually get our Royce' chocolate fix whenever we are in Japan. Since the Clairvoyant and I either visit Japan or have stopovers there en route and back from the US, we make sure to check out the shops at Narita Airport for Royce' chocolates.

Last May, I came upon this box of chocolates and was instantly curious about its contents. The box screamed chocolate covered macadamia, which is a really good combination. From what I understood from what I could read in Japanese, this was dark chocolate and that was enough for me to pick up a box on the way to the cashier to pay for my purchases. 

Cover/wrapper of the box of Royce' Macadamia Chocolate
Unwrapping the package revealed a nice looking box
The box contained four packs of dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts
The chocolates were good and it seemed like the macadamias were just a bonus. The chocolate is definitely dark and it is smooth tasting with a slight bitterness even with the powdery texture. I forget again exactly how much this cost us. It was definitely below 1,000 JPY but more than 500 JPY (maybe 800 yen?). I would definitely pick-up another box or two the next time I am in Japan.

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