Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rodic's Redux

With the recent fires consuming UP Diliman's CASAA and the Alumni Center Hostel eatery, we thought about the eateries at the Shopping Center. There were several popular ones when we were in college in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Among these were Baroque's and Rodic's, which served typical food for students, the low-priced, quick meals that included the popular silog (sinangag and itlog /fried rice and egg) combinations as well as Filipino favorite viands like adobo, menudo and bistek. Only Rodic's remains of these eateries with 2 branches now on either side of the SC's single corridor.

Rodic's Jumbosilog - Jumbo hotdog, sinangag (fried ice) and itlog (egg - fried or scrambled)
I like to break up the fried egg and mix it up with the rice.

Back in the day (when we were university students) Rodic's had child flakes available on every table. We used to mix ketchup, soy sauce and chill flakes to come up with a spicy sauce to dip our jumbo hotdogs on. We always look back to those days when we enjoyed eating at Rodic's and the other eateries at the SC. But nowadays, we also laugh as we realized how unhealthy our meals were back then and how limited our tastes were and our preferences for breakfast or lunch. We didn't mind smelling of mantika (cooking oil) or prito (fried food) in those days while now we are so conscious about these things. Will we eat at Rodic's or the other eateries again? Likely and definitely for me as I am still with UP but also likely and definitely but less frequently for the Clairvoyant and me given all the other options and favorites that are available to us for meals out.

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