Thursday, July 2, 2015

iHOP at UP Town Center

We finally got to eat at iHOP one Saturday when we had brunch with a couple of friends including one we haven't seen for a quite some time (she lives abroad). They have a full menu with a lot of items to choose from including their version of Filipino breakfast for those who are looking for their 'silogs' in this otherwise foreign restaurant that specialises in pancakes (iHOP stands for International House of Pancakes).

iHOP has four syrups to choose from including classic maple syrup
French toast, fried eggs, bacon and sausages to go along with my pancakes.
Salad and toast
Blueberry pancakes
We had really good meals at iHOP. Their servings were generous and the quality is high. Such reasons make the prices acceptable and reasonable. We even ended up taking home leftovers as we ordered some food to share in order to maximise our brunch reunion. However, my opinion is that their pancakes are not that special. I have tasted pancakes at 5-star hotels and at their competitor, Pancake House, and I really couldn't say that there is a significant difference other than the toppings. Overall though, I would say thumbs up for iHOP. Hindi lang pwede pang-araw-araw (You just can't eat here on a daily basis.) partly because its a bit pricey.


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