Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mogu Tree Noodle House

There's a noodle shop that has become a bit popular along Ortigas Avenue Extension and just before the Beverly Hills Subdivision gate. Mogu Tree Noodle House offers a different take on food that is quite appropriate for rainy days like what we have this wet season. Here are a few photos I took one time we decided to stopover and try out this small restaurant in Antipolo City.

Mogu Tree menu
Illustrative noodle combinations
They also have dumplings if you prefer to have somethings on the side to enjoy with your noodles
And if you can't do without rice, they also have some rice bowls .
Customers have the choice of noodles and what you want to go with them including the type of soup. Mogu Tree has a lot of ingredients to choose from and the suggested combinations in the menu shouldn't stop you from coming up with your own noodle concoction.
The noodles are served piping hot so I would recommend spending some time in conversation (if you have company) or doing something else while letting your meal cook a little bit more and cool off enough for you to enjoy eating.
You are free to experiment on combinations for your bowl of noodles. Of course, this will come at a cost if you opt to have more ingredients than the ones suggested in their menu. In our case, both the wife and I were able to come up with good meals based on our 'experience' with ramen. Mushrooms and dumplings work well with their plain noodle soup and ramen noodles. We will definitely be back but probably time our next meal during the off-peak as Mogu Tree seem to have acquired a good following during this season of rains. As the saying goes "Masarap humigop ng mainit na sabaw kapag maulan at maginaw" ("It's good to have hot soup when it's rainy and cold.") 

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